Tuesday, July 21, 2015


The day we got back from our camping trip, we noticed 3 teeny tiny kittens in our back yard...actually living under our house.  No sign of the mother! I let the boys give them milk because they were scrawny and crying....stupid move on my part.  They wouldn't leave after that!

After much begging, pleading, and gnashing of teeth, I decided to let the boys keep one of the kittens (the one William is holding in the first picture).  They were allowed to keep it on a few conditions:
1) They will take care of it, not me
2) The cat will never enter the house.  When we move back to FW, we will likely have to find a home for him, as most neighborhoods do not allow outside cats.  I am NEVER having an indoor cat again.

So far, so good. The boys named him Nelson, as we are currently working our way through the Cosby Show series, and these cats happened upon us just as the twins Winnie and Nelson were born...

We "surrendered" the other 2 to the vet, and there you go.  We have a pet.

Camping Trip 2015

When life deals lemons (RAIN), you make lemonade (buy rainboots, and play in the rain!).
We had our first rainy camping trip, but we didn't let that get us down! Everyone brought rainboots, and we made the most of it.  It wasn't ideal, but considering there was 100% chance of rain for the entire weekend, we felt very blessed.  It really only poured on Saturday night (and the campers ended up in the garage). People were able to camp in tents Friday and Sunday night.  There were a few bouts of heavy-ish rain during the day, but not much.  A little drizzle here and there was it.  The kids had SO much fun trampling around in their rainboots, catching crawdads, digging mud holes, getting absolutely disgusting, and loving every minute of hanging out with friends.

Yay! Summer!

I live all year long awaiting summer.  I like all things summer: warm temps, swimming, flip flops, ice cream, green grass, etc, etc.  

Check out this cute little summer outfit that both of my nieces, Keira and Emery wore.  I mean, SO cute!

cuddles with William:

never too young to start learning interesting facts:

or all about Iron Man:

Welcome summer!!!

6 Months Old

Not a whole lot new at her 6 month mile-marker, but I'm not complaining! She sleeping like a champ, still a very happy baby, she's sitting up really well, and her brothers still adore her.
She's still not all that interested in eating table food, but she got a clean bill of health at her well-check, and the doctor said that if she's not interested in food, don't push it.
Her stats:
15b 9oz (40%)
26.5" (75%).  Tall- go figure
16.5" head (40%)

All 4 kids at exactly 6 months:

Mother's Day

What a fun mother's day-- my first one with all 4 of my kids.  Dave and the kids made breakfast for me (a Pioneer Woman recipe, of course!), we went to church, and then we went to Wonderland Amusement Park...because why else wouldn't I want to do that on Mother's Day? Mom's got in free that day, and the kids have been DYING to go ever since we moved here.

We had a blast, and it was a beautiful day. I feel so blessed to get to be the mom to these 4 crazy, adorable, fun, spirited kids!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Girls Getaway!

For my birthday last year Dave got me a weekend at the spa in New Mexico (a 4hr drive from here).  It was for 2 people, so I asked Tasha to come along with me.  Then I convinced my mom and Lauren to also come along.  I mean, after last summer going away together, we've decided it HAS to become an annual tradition.  What a better time than a long weekend away at a spa, relaxing in New Mexico???
My mom flew to Amarillo, then she and I drove to Albuquerque to pick up Tasha and Lauren at the airport. We decided to stay in the square in Santa Fe the first night so that we could do some shopping before we started relaxing.  But before we could do anything, we had to go to Walter White's house.  Here's the thing, there are signs all over the yard to stay off the property.  I get it.  We parked across the street-- you know (for you Breaking Bad watchers), there's a road that T's at Walter's house.  Lauren and I got out to take a picture, then all of a sudden, the garage door started opening! The homeowner parked herself in her garage, not about to leave anytime soon.  It was apparent that she was not a fan of people taking pics.

After that, we mozied our way to Santa Fe to our hotel. It was a nice hotel....except that they only gave us 1 bed. After quite an ordeal, we finally ended up in a room that we actually fit in. So, to start the trip off right, we hit the hotel bar:

We were told La Fonda had amazing breakfast, so we hit that brunch on Friday.  They weren't kidding.  That place was AMAZING.

Shopping on the square in Santa Fe.  We all found some great stuff.

Checked in at Ojos Caliente Mineral Springs Resort.  NOW it was time to start relaxing!

The resort had these amazing hammocks all over the place.  They were absolutely heavenly.

They had a mud pool.  You didn't have to ask us twice!

Yummy dinner at the hotel restaurant:

Saturday morning we went hiking.  There were some great trails right there at our resort.  It was so nice to get out in the quite, enjoying nature, and really just spending time chatting with each other.

Lauren had shirts made for all of us with our hashtag #Santayay and on the back: "Girls Trip 2015"

More mud:

We pretty much lived in these robes for 3 days.  And we've decided that we can't go anywhere that doesn't include robes.  

Tasha relaxes in the hammock with a glass of wine.  Does it get any better than this?

Mom and I shared a hammock, but we each had our own glass of wine.

 Despite how it looks, we did NOT just get of the shower or pool.  At our spa treatment, we had hot oil hair treatment.  If you've never experienced this, you need to.  It was amazing!

After we left the spa, we drove back to ABQ to drop Tasha and Lauren off at the airport before coming back to Amarillo. But before we did, we stopped off at the Breaking Bad carwash.

I love these ladies so so much, and I am so blessed to call them family. We had such a wonderful time of bonding, relaxing, eating, laughing, and just generally enjoying each others' company.  I look forward to this tradition for many years to come...and hopefully Paige will start joining us once they move back from Brazil!