Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Random cute Halle pics...

...during her 3rd month

Palo Duro Canyon

There's a few things that are nice about living in Amarillo...things that we didn't have in Keller.  One of those things is the Palo Duro Canyon.  It's the 2nd largest canyon in the US, and it's only 20 minutes away! The boys have been several times with Dave, and on an extra warm day, Halle and I joined them.  We plan to do lots of hiking there, and maybe even a camping trip or 2 this summer.

Come visit!! We'll take you to the canyon!

Heart Explosion

I just love these 4 people so so much!

Bathroom Remodel

Both of our houses in Keller were new houses, so we never did any major renovations. Well, we did have hardwood floors put in both houses, but we did that before we moved I don't really count that.  We didn't LIVE THROUGH any major renovations.  
Our house here is little, and I really like almost everything about it.  It was built in the 40s, but most things are in great shape, and a lot of things have been updated.  The big downside to the house: only 1.5 baths.  6 people. 1 shower.  YIKES! The one full bath that it did have was GROSS. The tub was the original cast iron tub, which was great, but needed to be refinished.  Over the nearly 70 years that this house has been in existence, it appears each owner has layered on a new layer of tile into the bathroom- on the floor and on the walls.  So the walls were over an inch thick with layers of tile.  WEIRD! We were quoted by our contractor that it would take 4 days to tear out the old stuff and lay the new stuff.  We bought a new vanity, but the toilet was fine.  A different guy would come in to re-enamal the tub.  We figured 4 days without a shower wouldn't be the end of the world.  We can make 1-2 trips to the gym to shower and cleanup.
WELL, it took our contractor TWO WEEKS!!! 

I wish I had taken some before pictures. While I was extremely frustrated with how long it took, we are very happy with the outcome.  
Last week, we started construction on making our master 1/2 bath into a full bath.  I can already tell it's going much faster (different contractor), and it's going to make such a difference having 2 full baths!

cutie...up to 3 months old

I mean, seriously, how cute is this?

When we got back from Fort Worth, it was time for Halle to move into her own room:

3 months old:

belated party and NINE years old

While we were in Fort Worth for a long weekend, Hudson had his birthday party at the trampoline park.  He was so excited to see his buddies.

William also had his birthday while we were there.  He was SO excited to celebrate with Mimi and Papa, and for his birthday lunch after church, he picked a burger from Rodeo Goat. YUM.

William got his first set of "REAL" golf clubs:

My grandma loves snuggle time with Halle:

William wanted something less traditional than cake, so my mom and I made her famous apple pie, and it was DELICIOUS!

The next morning we headed back to Amarillo...

The first 3 weeks...

We were here in Amarillo for about 3 weeks before we went back to Fort Worth for a visit.  It was good for me, as I had such a hard time leaving home.  So I knew that I just had a few weeks before I could see my friends, family, and church again. So for 3 weeks, here's what life looked like:

admiring this little beauty:

giving her snuggles:


Playing in the (LARGE) amounts of snow:

entertaining Halle:

Taking all 4 kids to Halle's 2 month well-check:

no such thing as too many pictures of Halle, right?

playing outside in the warm weather, in between bouts of snow:

practicing smiling:

daily exercise:

Friday night dinner/pizza:

more learning:

more cuddles:

Visiting the Amarillo Zoo:

bored while big brothers work:

William built a tree house:

Just goes to show you that you don't need to live a in a big city to stay busy! You just need 4 kids, a new town to explore, and dive into homeschooling for the first time.